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Always dreamt of building your own man-cave, but didn’t know where to begin, or simply held up for the lack of the right space? Then sign up for the sports storage package from Abu Dhabi Moving and Storage and fulfil your dreams.

With flexible storage units for all your hobby equipment, our sports storage solutions can handle your present and future needs. Special, climate-controlled facilities, mean you never break into a sweat. Our advanced security systems and round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, mean that your precious belongings are safely stored with us, at all times.

Highly competitive rates, a convenient online payment facility and flexible lease terms, mean that there’s nothing to stop you from having your very own hobby space that you always dreamed of. Only at Abu Dhabi Moving and Storage - the sports storage solutions you can trust.

All you want to know about sports storage solutions in Abu Dhabi

Generally speaking, everyone loves sports. But if someone has proper sports kit at home and is looking for sports storage, then undoubtedly this individual is passionate about the sport he plays. And mind you, this storage facility better has to be a great one, because this individual is quite a perfectionist when it comes to the safekeeping of the sports equipment. If you are one such sports enthusiast based in Abu Dhabi, we are here to take care of your things in our sports storage solutions in Abu Dhabi.

Features of a Standard Sports Storage Package

Storage solutions are quite a popular concept these days. If you know what are the standard facilities and services offered by such companies, it will be easier for you to choose the right one when you look for that.

  • Affordability and Payment Mode - The price charged for renting the sports storage should be highly competitive. Since there are quite many service providers, if your chosen company is charging you more, you can get a better deal anywhere else. You can rest assured that our service is affordable and before choosing us, you can inquire from few at least. Also, we offer varied payment options like cash, card, online payment, account transfer etc. It is not possible for the customers to carry a wad of cash. An alternate mode of payment gives them the flexibility to pay the tariff as per their convenience.

  • Customized Services and Terms - Going into a lease means longer commitment and business relationship and we value it. And thus, we offer lease terms that are customized as per the requirement of the clients. As a customer, if you are looking for a long-term lease, potential clients should set priorities and requirements when they come to us. We are ready to mold and alter the terms according to the needs of their esteemed customers. It is same with our services as well. Often we go beyond our documented services offered to ensure satisfaction of the customer.

  • Safety Measures - Our surveillance system is up to date with strategically placed CCTV cameras, security systems, and armed security guards just to ensure that both you and your property are safe on our premises.

  • Some Advantages - Our storages are custom-made. Helpful, professional and well-experienced staff members ensure a pleasant experience with sports storage service in Abu Dhabi. Each storage unit is state-of-the-art, climate controlled and industry-leading technology. You can access your unit 24X7. You can come on any day at any time. The storages are in different sizes to accommodate all and every kind of sports equipment.

So, if you are moving for a short period and want your prized sports possessions to be secured and good hands, come to our sports storage solutions in Abu Dhabi. We offer a complete and well-executed sports storage package together with the best possible infrastructure, terms and conditions, unit conditions, customer service and location. You are just a phone call away from peace of mind. So pick up your phone and dial our number for the quote of a world class storage solution.

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Abu Dhabi Moving & Storage Advantages

  • Discrete Solutions
  • Custom Storage Offerings
  • Industry Leading Facilities
  • Flexible Lease
  • Experienced Staff
  • Climate Controlled Units