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Document Recycling in Abu Dhabi

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"I would like to thank you and your people in The Box for assisting me in my last house move. Your team was highly professional and defeated the provisions that my wife has to put in terms of expected breakables. Your prices were highly competitive and reasonable in terms of the effort put by the movers."

Aladdin Deesi
Personal Mover

Document Recycling

Document Storage, Recycling, Scanning, Record Management Abu Dhabi

Document Recycling Service and Solutions

Saving the environment has become a huge subject of concern with all the countries. People are hugely responsible for the destruction of mother earth and its environment. Just think, if you have not thrown all those piles of papers, documents, newspapers etc. be in offices, schools or at homes, you would have saved lots of trees and water as well. By recycling paper you not only save the earth but also give your children a safe environment in future. Thinking all these points, we, The Box, in Abu Dhabi, can help you in recycling your documents helping you taking a step towards green earth.

Advantages of Document Recycling

Our document recycling service in Abu Dhabi can help you achieve many advantages by recycling your documents. The main advantage of document recycling is to save the trees which will help in conserving the natural resources. By recycling papers, you not only save a lot of space but also save the air from smoke that is produced by burning of the papers. It will leave a positive effect on others as well. Hiring us will give you a chance to earn good profits as well.

Expenditure and profit of document recycling solution in Abu Dhabi will depend a lot on type of paper you want to recycle. Although we recycle all types of documents and papers such as office paper, coloured papers, printed papers, newspapers, low-grade papers, magazines, or mixed papers, your savings will depend on the type of paper you want to recycle. It also will depend what the quality of the paper is, what material was used to make the paper, its appearance, uses, and performance.

Why choose us for Document Recycling?.

Recycling of documents may cost you little more compared to low-cost waste disposal. We, The Box, take this point very much in consideration and try that your documents are recycled at a very reasonable price. We offer very flexible hours for pick up and if required we will be at your door step multiple times in a week. Our trained staff will take every possible step to keep your information from getting leaked. We have a well-trained and educated set of employees who know how exactly various types of papers have to be recycled.

After our staff picks up the stuff from your premises, paper will be transferred to our recycling partner’s facility. Here the paper is sorted out and metal, plastic and other such things are removed, filled into large bags and transported to the paper mills. All this procedure is done under the surveillance of guards and video recording of the procedure is also done. Customer satisfaction is our main criteria and we guarantee that by hiring us, you will be satisfied in every aspect.

The figures, with the steps taken to help the environment by recycling, are very surprising and shocking both. It is unimaginable that one ton of recycled paper can save seventeen trees. It is also hard to imagine that three thousand litres of water is used to produce just one kg of paper.

Therefore, if you want to do your bit and preserve the natural resources, choose us for document recycling.

Beirut Moving & Storage Advantages

  • Document Recycling
  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • High security facility
  • Flexible Lease
  • Secure Digitization Facilities
  • Document Protection Assurance

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