how can a professional car garage storage be helpful ?

On or off-street, the car storage in Abu Dhabi is really beneficial for most of the cars. Whether a prestige, classic or a daily car that is not used on a regular basis, the cars need proper care while those are not used regularly.

Space and security are two major concerns when it comes to taking care of the vehicles on a daily basis. In this situation, the car garage storage service offered by The Box helps to cater to the needs of the vehicle owners while offering them easy and affordable solutions.

Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to choose professional car storage.

  • Private garaging : Apart from protecting your vehicle from vandalism, the private car storage also protects your vehicle from the leaves, tree sap, and bird droppings while keeping the vehicle out of direct sunlight. This is really beneficial for maintaining the classic cars.

  • Security : One of the major concerns of choosing car space for rent in Abu Dhabi is the security of the vehicles from damage and theft. This can bring a great peace of mind.

  • Time vs. care : These days, people mostly face time constraints and this thing limits how people maintain and care for their vehicles. Besides, this way people mostly overlook when the vehicles need MOT, service, repair or taxing. While some of the garages offer both collection and delivery solution, still it needs the input to manage and monitor the interval and also to take out time to visit the related supplier.

  • Flat batteries : In case you don’t use your vehicle for a long, then there are chances that your car can get old. Although it sounds bizarre, the cars are mainly designed to be used regularly. Storing the vehicle in your home for a longer time period unattended and unused can actually create some frustrating and unwanted issues. Besides, lack of use can also lead to problems like batteries going flat, the ancillary systems of the cars developing faults, flat spots in the tires and the air conditioning systems develop some funny smells.

How can The Box help?

The storage areas of this company are mostly climate controlled to prevent forming rust with drying leather and tires. Besides, here the batteries are connected to regular exercise programs and automatic battery conditioners to deal with the lack of use issues. Other benefits of using The Box are:

  • Monthly lease option
  • Complete security with CCTV logs
  • AAA pickup service
  • Availability of car covers for the outdoor parking areas

So, it is important to keep your vehicle with a professional car storage Dubai company and The Box is one such name that you can count in this regard. Being a professional in the field of car storage, this company includes some locked, secured and alarmed facilities. Besides, this company also offers a complete range of expertise while it comes to catering to the clients of all their requirements starting from long-term to short-term car storage.

  • Affordable car garage storage rates
  • Regular Ignition Intervals
  • Total Security with CCTV Logs
  • Car Covers for outdoor parking spots
  • AAA Pickup service
  • Monthly Lease Option
  • Drivers for hire, to keep car running
  • Open 24 Hours, 7-Days a Week
  • Online Payment Facility
  • Climate Controlled Facilities